4 Tips to Maximize CTA’s On Your Medical Practice Website

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If you’ve never considered Pinterest to be an important part of marketing strategy for professional practices, think again. Pinterest is no longer just an online bulletin board. It is the next big thing in social media for all types of businesses.

According to one study, Pinterest drives more traffic to business websites than YouTube, Google+ and Twitter combined. The site gets millions of new visitors each month. Today, it is the fastest growing platform for business marketing.

How can you utilize Pinterest for your professional practice? Here are five tips:

  • Start a Pinterest board for your practice. Just go to Pinterest.com and follow the instructions.
  • Post images of your company’s products on your Pinterest board and link them back to your website. Be sure to have your website URL in the description of each image posted.
  • Pinterest works as a sort of virtual store catalog, letting users “Share” or “Repin” images among friends and strangers. If you sell products (eyeglasses, contact lenses, Botox, etc.), this is a great way to let users “visualize” your offerings and get to know you. Consider adding product descriptions and prices to each image posted. You will soon see people “Follow” you. That’s a great sign of good things to come.
  • Offer a special deal for your Pinterest followers. You can post an image of a coupon to your Board or to a new board for Deals. Perhaps offer a prize to the person (or patient) who gets the most likes or comments on a re-pin of the coupon, and then see who shares it the most.

Monitor your traffic and re-pins. You’ll receive notifications of re-pins (those who reposted your image to another Board). That’s a great indicator that your Pinterest marketing strategy is working and driving traffic to your professional practice website.