4 Tips to Maximize CTA’s On Your Medical Practice Website


Consumer habits have been revolutionized by technology in recent years. The rise of the Internet and new devices such as smartphones have changed the way consumers buy everything from books to insurance. Consumers looking for services also use the Internet, and they are very likely to carry out some research and read reviews online before contacting a company.

Local businesses and professional practices wanting to find new customers and retain existing ones need to recognize how consumer behaviors have changed and adapt their approach to marketing. Putting ads in local newspapers and directories isn’t the only way to grow a business in the Internet age. Consumers may still ask friends and family for recommendations and advice about businesses they’ve used, but they can also do this with social media nowadays. Even traditional bricks and mortar businesses need to have an online presence if they want to compete in the modern world.

The following tips will help you to grow your business using modern marketing methods.

1) Every local business must have a responsive website.

Modern consumers expect every business to have an online presence. Even if your business has been trading for decades and is well-established in the local area, many people will still search for it on the Internet. Having a website means you can influence what people find out about your business when they type its name into a search engine. Modern consumers may even be suspicious of your business if they can’t find it online.

There’s no need to build an online store or offer products for sale over the Internet, but you should have a website explaining what you do and where consumers can find you. A simple site with three to five pages may be all you need to establish an online presence and give people the confidence to trade with you.

Make sure your website is mobile compatible (fully responsive). More than half of all internet traffic is drive by mobile users (smartphones) and this trend is expected to grow. If your site is not responsive, Google will penalize you and drop you in their search engine rankings.

2) Social media marketing is a proven way to win new customers and build loyalty.

People of all ages are using social media sites like Facebook nowadays, and social media marketing is well established as a way of engaging with consumers. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming. Opening an account with Twitter and setting up a Facebook page for your company are two simple steps towards building a following. Including details of your social media accounts on your website and any literature, forms or invoices you send to customers are easy ways to grow your audience. Make social media posting a regular part of your day for maximum results.

3) Capturing customer emails is worth thousands of dollars a year.

Email marketing has been around for some years now, but it’s still an effective way to generate new business. Methods for capturing customer emails include asking them to sign up for product updates on your website and asking for emails as part of your order process. You can also offer a newsletter or discount announcements in exchange for email information.

Once you’ve built a database of email addresses you can send information and news about your business to remind customers what you can offer. A common mistake with email marketing is to use every message to try and sell something. Keep your emails interesting and relevant to the audience, and include industry news and general tips and advice. For example, a local optometrist could send an email listing tips for choosing the right eyeglasses for your face shape or provide information about services such as LASIK.

4) Creating videos about your professional practice is an easy way to reach thousands of potential customers.

Widespread use of smartphones and laptops means people are able to watch videos wherever they are during the day. As well as catching up on the latest episode of their favorite TV shows, people often browse sites like YouTube for instructional videos and video clips relevant to their hobbies, interests or products, procedures and services they are considering. Although you can create videos using a basic digital camera or smartphone, for a professional video consider hiring a videographer. As well us uploading them to YouTube you can display videos on your website and social media pages.

5) Network with other local businesses.

Networking has always been a great way to grow a professional practice, and the Internet has made this even easier. Signing up to LinkedIn and joining local online forums means you can connect with other business owners. If you’re struggling to find new customers or patients, this may be the solution.

Consumers now accept that the Internet is a safe and convenient way to shop for service providers and find what they need. As operator of a local professional practice, you can include networking as part of your marketing strategy and watch your revenue grow.