Is your website a couple of years old or more? Could your site be doing more for your business?

Statistics reveal that 94% of a website visitors’ first impressions are design related and 75% of people judge a company’s credibility based on the design of the website.

If it’s Broken, Fix It

If you’re like most of our clients, your website needs help. You might be on your second or third rendition of your site, or just finished doing a low budget site and realize it was a mistake.

Here are some of the typical scenarios we encounter:

  • Do-it-yourself sites that are not search engine friendly and are hard to edit.
  • Websites that are poorly designed and not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sites not generating leads or sales.
  • Sites that are not designed to be responsive, so they don’t adjust for the users’ tablet or mobile device.  Two-thirds of website visitors now arrive from a tablet or mobile device.

You may be experiencing low traffic numbers, high bounce rates or low sales conversion rates.  Whether you need to be found in local search results, need a new e-commerce site or payment portal for customers, or need a complete redesign of your current website, get in touch with us.

seo_screenshot_with_balloonsGet More Traffic

Our strategy-based WordPress web design, responsive design and SEO efforts are designed to drive more traffic to your site, generate more potential customers and improve sales conversions.

Your customers are out there just waiting to find you. What are you waiting for?

Responsive / Mobile Design

Is your practice website a truly responsive or mobile-compatible site? Sites that are not 100% mobile compatible (as scored by Google) run the risk of disappearing from search engines. Why run the risk of losing one of your greatest assets?

A good Responsive Website

  • Looks good and works well on any mobile device.
  • Has photos and images that automatically re-size themselves and adapt to any size screen.
  • Has larger buttons to allow for people to navigate easily with the touch of their hand.
  • Features text which is larger than on a regular website.

In April 2015, Google set a deadline for websites to add mobile-friendly coding features that would make the viewing experience for mobile users better. In their public statement, they strongly recommended responsive design as the solution to becoming mobile-friendly.

Google recommends using RWD [responsive web design] over other design patterns.

Google even italicized it in their news release, a strong indication that sites that did not comply with this new requirement would face stiff punishment in rankings.

Don’t lose your hard earned Google rankings by refusing to address this important need. Your audience is using mobile phones to find you. Shouldn’t you accommodate them by making the experience easy and enjoyable? Do you want your competition to offer people a better mobile experience than you’re providing?

Get with the program. Redesign your website to make it responsive and watch your traffic grow.

Video Marketing

Ever since Google purchased YouTube, the importance of video in search engine rankings has continued to grow. According to Cisco, the number of online video consumers is expected to double in 2015.

Regardless of whether your professional practice is focused on the business-to-government, business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketplace, Video Marketing is a great tactic to improve customer engagement, click-through rates and traffic.

Improve Click-Through Rates

One study showed that including video in emails increased open rates by 5.6% and click-through-rates by 96.38% when compared to ’emails that did not contain videos.

From Introductory Videos that educate clients about your professional practice to Explainer Videos that demonstrate or introduce new products or services, videos should have a place in every successful business

We specialize in:

  • Video Everywhere. We help businesses and professional practices capture what’s important to them, no matter where they’re located. Our network of 300+ videographers help us produce projects across the country. Learn how our videography network can assist you on your next project.
  • Introductory Practice Videos. Introduce your practice to newcomers. We offer full-service, script to screen creative video services meant to engage and excite new audiences about you, your services and your team.
  • Explainer Videos. These videos are great for explaining and describing services, new techniques, products, new technologies or how things work.

Explainer videos are great for:

  • LASIK surgery centers
  • Optometry practices
  • Dermatology (Botox & procedures)
  • Dental offices
  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • Hospitals (for marketing & education)
  • Chiropractors
  • Surgery centers
  • Med spas and salons

We follow standardized processes to ensure that we deliver a quality video that is timely and on-budget. We keep you in the loop throughout your project and welcome your feedback and participation.

Ready to discuss your video project? Connect with us today to receive a free video consultation.

Internet Marketing

If you’re not sure what your professional practice or business needs to grow, we’ll work with you to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan. What is a Strategic Marketing Plan and what is it for?

According to an article in Small Business Chronicles by Kristen Lorette:

Strategic marketing planning takes several aspects of company marketing and promotion into consideration. The aspects that contribute to strategic marketing planning include:

  • identifying promotional opportunities
  • evaluating the marketing opportunities;
  • researching, analyzing and identifying the target markets;
  • developing a strategic position for the company to pursue and
  • how to implement the strategy;
  • preparation and implementation of the marketing plan; and
  • measuring and evaluating the results of the marketing efforts of the company.

The primary benefit of a strategic marketing plan is that it puts a written guide in place for a business to follow to reach its goals and objectives. The second major advantage of strategic marketing planning is that is allows the business to create and utilize consistent messaging internally and externally.

Consistent messaging in marketing creates efficient companies because employees and customers understand what the company offers and how the company offers it. They work toward a common goal. Efficient companies typically see an increase in revenues and market share, while it sees a decrease in expenses. Ultimately, it all leads to an increase in company profitability.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is important for every business. Your solid social media strategy needs to be consistent and focused. Our team will manage your social media accounts and write, edit and track your listings.

We’ll create your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other accounts and social media to consistently identify with your unique brand. We’ll establish an editorial calendar, content strategy, and generate well-written copy and posts, carrying it through all your social media sites.

Over 30 percent of people will buy a product or service simply because a friend recommends it. Likewise, negative word-of-mouth or a bad online review can send customers scattering.

You need a voice and personality behind your name to reach out and touch your legions of fans. We’ll be that voice for you.

Affordable Monthly SEO and Social Media Plans That Boost Traction

Our Social Media and SEO Programs offer monthly plans that include article posts, SEO strategies, press release distribution, news items from your office and various industry sources, and key backlink URL’s to your site. Content is written to carry many of the keywords you are targeting for top search rankings.

SEO to Get You Ranked

Search engines like Google use constantly changing algorithms to index and associate your website with keywords, locations and phrases based on the content of your site. There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and strategies that can help you get ranked well on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search directories. We utilize only sound “white hat” SEO techniques, such as:

  • Website Content Optimization
    • Title tags
    • Meta content
    • Image names
    • Alt text
    • Headers (h1, h2, h3)
    • Anchor links
  • Social Medial Management
  • Google+
  • Google Authorship
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Onsite Blog Posts
  • Forum Posts
  • Backlinks
  • Press Releases
  • Keyword Research

As part of our SEO Strategic Planning, we stay in contact with your office, finding out what’s new, conducting research, generating ideas and pulling material from your website. Content for SEO utilization is written to carry many of the keywords you are targeting for top search rankings. Posts can, at your request, be pre-submitted to you for approval before posting.

Free Analysis for Your Site

We offer a free website audit, which can provide you with a helpful review of the condition of your current website (positive and negative attributes) and give you a detailed analysis describing changes to your site that would positively impact your ranking and organic search results

Consistency is Key

Content is critical to effective social media and SEO. Consistency in content and branding must be carried through on your website, and should also be carried through in your email campaigns, implemented in your video marketing and utilized in your directory business listings.

Your personal Practice Hut Social Media Manager will ensure that your business’ SEO and Social Media Plan stays on-target, getting you noticed, engaging your clients and building your brand.

Blogging to Generate Sharing

Blogging can also be a part of your social media plan. Most websites today contain active blogs, which help contribute to search engine ranking. Each blog post that we write will create a new web page, complete with SEO-optimized text, title tags, Meta keywords, image names, keywords and alt tags. Your monthly plan can include 2-4 blogs per month and content will be determined as part of your editorial calendar.

Blogging Lets You Become an Authority in Your Industry

Think of the key names in your industry that you look to as leaders and influencers. Perhaps you read their articles each time their published in an industry journal or subscribe to their newsletter. They’re top in their class in skill and you respect their knowledge, seeking to learn from them.

You can do this too. Becoming an authority in your field can make a significant impact on your practice’s bottom line. As an expert in your field, you should want to share your knowledge with others and become recognized for your skill and expertise.

Blogging is great for SEO

Blogging is a great tools for marketing and SEO. Blogs are a simple way to get exposure, generate links and boost your ranks. Google continues to use blogs as a factor in search rankings for professional practices.

Write Quality Blog Content

Don’t have time to write blogs for your website? Let us do it for you. Our team of researchers and writers craft informative blogs that engage the reader and encourage sharing. It’s more important to blog less frequently and to focus on quality, relevant material than to blog frequently with low-quality material that does not get shared or liked.

Getting You Backlinks

For example, let’s say a blog post is particularly of interest to your audience. People are reading, just like you’d hoped. You repost it on Twitter, share it via your other social media such as Google+ and LinkedIn and it starts getting noticed. The whole time, those “SHARES” are building backlinks, getting you noticed and bringing you fans.

Your website should include a Blog as a “must have” part of your professional practice marketing strategy. Get your Blog delivering results for you by calling us today.

Monitoring Your Online Presence

Reputation Management is a fast-growing services in high demand among professional practices. Why? Because their name IS their business. Great online reviews can build demand beyond capacity. Poor online reviews can decimate a practice that took years to build.

While it’s nearly impossible to remove a bad online review once it’s been posted, there are tactics to minimize its chances of being seen. Our team will regularly monitor your name, practice and brand for possible negative publicity and focus our attention on delivering a positive, results-oriented solution.

Blogging is a great tools for marketing and SEO. Blogs are a simple way to get exposure, generate links and boost your ranks. Google continues to use blogs as a factor in search rankings for professional practices.

Keeping your name at the top of your client’s mind is vital no matter what industry you’re in. When clients or patients need the services you offer, you want them to think of you first.

Email marketing is great for:

  • Announcing new products or services
  • Introducing new employees
  • Offering specials or discounts
  • Delivering the latest news

Create an Effective Email Campaign

Keep your name in front of customers with regular email marketing campaigns. Practice Hut will create an email template or newsletter that is consistent with the branding of your professional practice.

Professionally Created, Delivered On Time

We’ll work with you to decide on appropriate content. A focus on relevant news, blog posts, and video will help generate more customers. You’ll want us to capture your list of subscribers and customers and see that your email campaign is sent and delivered professionally and on time. Email marketing should be part of every successful marketing campaign.

Graphic Design

Logo & Identity

Your practice identity and branding depends on a logo that is polished, distinctive, memorable and reflective of who you are. We can create a logo based on your practice and the services you provide. The logo can then be used on your website, business cards, brochures, and stationery. We’ve been creating logos, business cards and other identity materials for over 30 years. We’ve worked for large practices and small start-ups.   A top-notch logo and identity package is the foundation for any professional practice marketing plan.

Printed Materials & Direct Mail for Your Practice

Although internet marketing gets all the attention these days, direct mail is still a healthy method of marketing your services, especially for professional practices. With the volume of direct mail down, your direct mail piece is more likely to stand out and get noticed. Also consider that 55 percent of seniors do not have internet. This leaves an enormous opening to his this demographic through direct mail.

Printed Materials are a Reflection of Your Brand

Your business is unique and your printed materials should be too. We use our 20+ years of graphic design experience to craft direct mail pieces, business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, and all manner of print materials that reflect your brand. We believe that brand consistency is key. By using us to craft your website AND print materials, we’ll make sure that your entire marketing campaign is consistent and unique to you.

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Although internet marketing gets all the attention these days, direct mail is still a healthy method of marketing your services, especially for professional practices. With the volume of direct mail down, your direct mail piece is more likely to stand out and get noticed. Also consider that 55 percent of seniors do not have internet. This leaves an enormous opening to his this demographic through direct mail. Learn more about how you can build revenue with direct mail with our Six Ways to Make Your Direct Marketing Campaign a Success.

Advertising Management

Tired of Dealing with Advertising Decisions?

Newspapers, Yellow Pages, online directories, magazines, AdWords, retargeting, Facebook ads, relocation guides…the list is endless. What advertising medium delivers the audience you want while delivering the best return on investment?

Online and Offline Advertising

We’ll manage your advertising programs and focus on the quantity, quality and budget that will provide you with the best value.

  • We can manage your online advertising – using the best strategies for Facebook ads, Google AdWords and retargeting.
  • We haven’t forgotten how vital offline advertising remains in today’s world. We started in the print world 30 years ago and will write, create, design, plan and buy the best print media advertising for your budget.

Print Advertising for Practices

If you’re placing advertisements in publications, or doing direct mail campaigns, we can tackle your media buys, assist with list purchases, design your ads and get you the most bang for your buck.

Pay-Per-Click for Practices

We can manage any of your online advertising needs including:

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • AdWords (Google) Campaigns
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • Administration Panel
  • Keyword Phrase Research
  • Keyword Budget Settings
  • Ad Writing
  • Ad Tracking
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Display (Image) Ads
  • Remarketing

Trusted Advertising Advisors

It happens all the time. Someone stops by your office asking if you’ll buy an ad, sponsor a team, or donate to a charity. Next time someone stops by your office to solicit, simply refer them to us – your virtual Marketing Department. They can call us. We’ll analyze the situation and help arrive at a decision. We’re happy to serve as a scapegoat.